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Rico Yarns

Rico Yarns - Ricorumi DK

Let yourself be carried away by the Japanese art of amigurumi (編みぐるみ, literally “knitted or crocheted plush toy”), where crochet brings charming anthropomorphic animals and creatures to life. To bring your creations to life, discover the ideal amigurumi yarn: Ricorumi DK!

These adorable little balls of cotton yarn, measuring 3.5 inches high by 1.75 inches wide, come in a hugely diverse range of colors. With a DK yarn size and a 100% cotton composition, each 25 g ball offers a yardage of 57.5 meters (62.8 yards).

Whether you're an experienced amigurumi enthusiast or new to the art, Ricorumi DK yarn gives you everything you need to create soft, personalized works with an unlimited color palette.

  • Size: DK
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Yardage: 25 g - 57.5 m / 62.8 y

You will also find crochet patterns from the Ricorumi range in French and English in the store.

Here you will find the speckled versions of Ricorumi DK colors.