Hello, it's Tiffany - the knitting enthusiast and the creative force behind this charming yarn boutique!

How did I get here? It's quite a story...

A Story Woven of Threads and Friendship

We were all impressed by our colleague Lise: she could follow and actively participate in a meeting, while knitting and looking you in the eye!

So we asked him to come and teach us the basics of knitting one lunchtime. Honestly? I went there more out of obligation (I was the creator of the social committee ;)) than out of a real desire to learn knitting :)

Who knew I would be so eye-catching? (see what I just did? :p)

Thanks to her, because without this lunch, the Twistitch Boutique would not have been born a few years later ;)

  • The Quest for Balance

    The years that followed were an adventure of discovery and reflection, working alongside my partner while exploring the vast world of possibilities.

  • "We do that!"

    One day in October 2021, in the car on the way to my in-laws' house, it clicked: "I want to open a wool store in Laval!".

    My partner, without hesitation, launched the challenge: “Find a place, and let’s do that!”.


Today, the Twistitch Boutique is the result of this knitting adventure. A place that I hope is benevolent where enthusiasts and beginners can find inspiration, colors, and textures to transform their projects into reality.