Shipping policy

We're proud to offer domestic and international shipping.

If all the components of your order in stock, your order will be prepared within two business days. Once we give your package to the courier, you’ll receive an email confirmation. If you paid for a tracked shipping solution, you’ll also receive a tracking number.

Wait times also apply to products that are sold out at the time of purchase.

Shipping Insurance

All shipments are insured against loss, damage. Stolen packages are not covered by our warranty.

Tracking Your Package

If you order a tracked shipping solution, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking data once the order ships out.

Please note that, if you ordered untracked shipping, you will still receive a confirmation once your order has shipped. However, in lieu of a tracking data, you will receive an invoice number. This number is used for us to verify that your order has shipped but it does not include any tracking data. To track your shipment, please select a tracked shipping solution at checkout.

Express Shipping

Express shipping does not mean express handling. We process purchases in the order in which we receive them. We still need those two business days to process, package, and label your order.

We recommend you evaluate whether express shipping is worth it based on the projected times provided during checkout. We are not responsible for any delays on the shipping company’s side.

Taxes, Duties, and Other Fees

Our prices do not include local taxes, duties, brokerage fees, value-added taxes, or any other charge you may receive when your package arrives.

Please consider all fees before placing your order. You will have to pay them once your package arrives. We cannot refund you if you change your mind.

Make sure you know your country’s laws before making a purchase with us. For information specific to your region, contact your local customs office.

Missed Deliveries

It is your responsibility to make arrangements to receive your package. Generally, if you miss your package’s arrival, the courier will bring it to a nearby post office and leave you with a delivery notice card. Please familiarize yourself with your postal service’s rules and regulations.

If you fail to pick up your package within the allotted window, you have two options:

  1. You can pay for shipping again and we’ll send it back to you.
  2. We can refund your order with the exception of shipping costs and any additional taxes, duties, customs or miscellaneous transportation fees. If it’s been over 30 days, we will also charge a 20% restocking fee.

Please note that, once a delivery attempt has been made and the package has been deposited at your local postal service, the order is complete on our end. After this point, we can no longer track the package. If your local postal service ships it back to us, we cannot give you an estimated date of arrival since we no longer have eyes on it.

If you would like us to refund you for the products contained in the order that has been shipped back to us or if you would like us to resend the product once it arrives and you have paid for shipping, you are responsible for speaking to the appropriate individuals (your local postal service, USPS, customs, etc.) to track down the package and ensure it arrives safely at our facility.

Declined or Direct Return Packages

If you decline your package when it arrives or if it returns to us due to an invalid address or similar issue, we will contact you when the package arrives back here using the email linked to the order to arrange reshipment. Please note that you are responsible for paying the new shipping fees.

If, after six months, we do not hear back from you, the order will be considered closed.