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Forté 2.0 Ensemble

Many of you have been waiting for it, the new version of the Forté 2.0 kit from Chiaogoo is arriving soon at the store in a limited edition !

This luxurious set includes tips that are an elegant combination of stainless steel combined with carbon fiber (for 2.75 to 5mm needles) or Mozambique ebony (for 5.5 to 10mm needles) .

The set presents the new interchangeable SWIV360 cables (flexible AND rotatable!), but also the red TWIST cables for the small size tips [S].

Each steel threaded junction is laser engraved with the tip diameter and joint size. All Forté parts have [S] or [L] size junctions, so they are compatible with all similarly coded interchangeable parts.

The case in which the Forté set comes is as elegant and functional as the tips and cables, while being designed with materials that comply with the European REACH regulation . It features a removable double-sided panel that securely houses all the tips, and four pockets to hold the rest of your knitting tools, including space for your pattern or notes.

List of elements included in the Forté 2.0 kit:
- 14 pairs of 5" (13 cm) tips as follows:
US 2 - US 8 (2.75 - 5.00 mm) - Carbon fiber shaft with stainless steel tips and junctions
US 9 - US 15 (5.50 - 10.00 mm) - Steel shank Mozambique ebony with stainless steel tips and junctions
- a zipped case
- six SWIV360 cables without memory (14", 22" and 30" in small [S] and large [L] junctions)
- three red TWIST cables without memory (14", 22" and 30" in small [S] junctions)
- steel scissors
- a retractable tape measure
- pen,
- end caps,
- cable connectors,
- state-of-the-art adapters,
- stitch markers,
- darning needles
- a sample ruler/needle gauge.
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Forté 2.0 Ensemble
Forté 2.0 Ensemble