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[Knitting course] Free project session

What is this course session about and who is it for?

Do you want to resume a project that you have neglected for several months and you don't know where to start again?
Are you nervous about starting a new project because it involves a new technique that you don't know?
It's been 3 times that you have started an entire section again and you don't understand your mistake?

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, then this session of 4 lessons of 2 hours is made for you! You will be supervised by a teacher who will help you whatever your problem or your project.

Where will the courses take place?

Classes will take place at the Twistitch Boutique.

What does the asking price for the session cover?

The amount covers the 4 lessons of 2 hours (8 hours in total).

You must bring your own equipment. If you are missing anything, you can come and get what you are missing at the store in advance.

Important: a minimum of 3 students is required for the session to take place on the specified date. In the event of insufficiency, the session could be postponed.

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[Knitting course] Free project session