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Twistitch Artifacts

Twistitch Artifacts - Sample Ruler - 4" / 10 cm | Tarot Card

Making a sample is one of the most important tasks before starting a project (hello “trash bag” sweater!)

But we know very well that most of us find it boring and we tend to skip this step 🤫

With a nice swatch ruler, we hope you'll find the motivation to "swatch" before each project! To make matters worse, it can be used as staging elements for your social media or as decoration!

This sample ruler is handmade with love in Montreal. This is a super useful tool to help you when preparing your knitting project.

Each rule features thematic illustrations created by the artist: Nooby Lemona ( his Instagram here ).

We spent time refining our laser technique to obtain a clean and precise result. Then, thanks to a magic trick, we make all traces of laser burns disappear.

Product details:

🤍 Russian cherry
🤍 Size approx. : 17x17 cm

Please keep in mind that wood is a natural material so slight variations may occur 🤍

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Twistitch Artifacts - Sample Ruler - 4" / 10 cm | Tarot Card