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[Course] Learn to knit: the basics (beginner 1)

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What is this course session about and who is it for?

This session of 4, 2-hour lessons is aimed at people who want to learn knitting and have never touched needles in their life.
The learning targeted in this series of courses is as follows:
- cast on and cast off stitches
- knit stitch
- purl stitch
- knit flat back and forth
- start to master a pattern and knitting charts, etc.

These techniques will be applied through the creation of 3 cute dishcloths for your kitchen or as a gift.

Once this session is completed, you can, if you wish, register as a beginner 2.

Where will the courses take place?

Classes will take place at the Twistitch Boutique.

What does the asking price for the session cover?

The amount covers the 4 lessons of 2 hours (8 hours in total) and the following material:
- 2 balls of Sudz cotton thread
- 1 pair of 4.5 mm (22") Chiaogoo fixed needles
- 1 boss with charter
- 1 meter to measure
- 1 kit of needles to insert the threads

What equipment to bring with you?

- something to take notes

Important: a minimum of 3 students is required for the session to take place on the specified date. In the event of insufficiency, the session could be postponed.

[Course] Learn to knit: the basics (beginner 1)